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About Us


We have been in the fetish and BDSM world for many years , and decided to develop our small studio space into a very well equipped adult BDSM studio.

  • Ideal as a back drop for content creators,

  • Play space for those who want to explore their bdsm fantasies

  • A safe place to explore SUB / DOM scenarios

  • A place for small groups to meet

  • A place to hold a special birthday party 

  • A place to aquire new experiences and meet like minded people

Our Story

Manchester Dungeon is owned and operated by our company Manchester-Ventures Ltd. We formed this company back in November, 2020. Yes like all small businesses we were affected by Covid , and it was not a good time to rebrand and start a new business.


After covid we decided to push on and start to get our business known and we tried hard to get word out to our customers and get new adverts placed. in 2022.

 It has been a great start for us and we are all looking to build upon this.


We also started our ASSOCIATE DUNGEON WORKER Roles within the Team.

This has created another voluntary collaboration between approved registered workers who can use our facilties as a base to offer their services in addtion to our our PRO / DOM staff. It is hoped this in turn will help to spread the word and encourage their friends and customers to visit us - See the page on ASSOCIATE DUNGEON WORKERS

NB: We do have seperate terms and conditions for Commercial Use of our services please see our terms and conditions and definition.

Meet The Management Team

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